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by Tom Finniear

Posted on 2020-04-29

New Reopening Plans 30 June

by Site Admin

UPDATE — 4th July opening – Important information

Posted on 2017-01-18

In order to comply with government guidelines we have made a number of changes to our operation as detailed below.

Please note that only members will be allowed in the club and must show their membership card on entry. No guests or children will be allowed at this time.

New membership applications are suspended until further notice.

No live sport can be broadcast, darts, dominoes, card games and pool are not allowed.  

Social distancing is now set at one metre plus and no “vertical drinking” is allowed, which means that the number of people permitted in the club is strictly limited.  In order to control the numbers on the premises and to avoid disappointment, we have introduced a table booking system.

Members wishing to visit the club should phone from 10.30am on the day giving name, membership number and their preferred session (see below).  We are required to have a record of all members using the club each day.

We are planning to operate two sessions per day on the opening weekend.

Saturday 4th July

 Session 1 – 12 noon to 4.0pm            

4-0pm to 5.0pm - Closed for additional cleaning

Session 2 – 5.0pm to 10.0pm close

Sunday 5th July

Session 1 – 12 noon to 4.0pm

4.0pm to 5.0pm – Closed for additional cleaning

Session 2 – 5.0pm to 8.0pm close

Monday -Fri Week 1   Session 1 - 4pm-10pm

Table service will be operational in the club.

The garden will be open for members but if, for example, it starts raining they will not be allowed in the club if this exceeds the permitted capacity, bearing in mind social distancing requirements.

Payment should be contactless wherever possible. Many members choose to load credit on to their membership cards, this is both convenient and contactless and is recommended. When loading credit to your card please ensure that you present your card to the bar staff to avoid any risk of errors occurring. Subsequent payments can be completed quickly and easily. Please note that credit loaded on to a member’s card can only be used for bar purchases, no cashback is allowed.

The current situation is far from normal, but we are implementing measures to keep our members and our staff safe. Hand wipes and sanitising gel stations are available in the club, a one-way system will be introduced to minimise contact. However, we need everyone to play their part in keeping each other safe and your co-operation and understanding will be appreciated.

The situation will be reviewed regularly and changed where we feel improvements can be made. Please check for further updates from time to time.


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