KARAOKE NIGHT, 9th November

by Tom Finniear

Winter is here but you can cheer yourselves up and entertain (?????) your friends whilst singing your favourite songs.

#function-room #music

Posted on 2019-10-14

A drink or three could help loosen the vocal chords - and boost confidence. So come along and give it a go, you know you want to.

What's On at the Club

by Site Admin

Lots more sport to look forward to on TV at the Club. Premiership footie has a familiar look already with Liverpool and Man City leading the pack again. Still there's a long way to go yet and things might change. Luton Town settling into the Championship and picking up some more points. Not an easy league by any means but they are looking OK. Mustn't forget the Rugby World Cup which is now underway in Japan and there have already been some surprise results. Good news is that both England and Wales are through to the quarter finals. England will play Australia whilst Wales face France. With New Zealand (who play Ireland) and South Africa also through there will likely be some big guns awaiting if they make it to the semis. Game times posted on the Club notice board. With the 8-hour time difference they will be morning games for the home countries but there will be breakfast available for the England games. Great tournament so far, and maybe an England – Wales final? Long way to go to play your neighbour but it might just happen. Our F1 fans should be happy to see Lewis Hamilton leading the way once more although he was not happy with his 3rd place finish in Japan. The typhoon did not help but it was the same for everyone. Still favourite to finish World Champion again. Mercedes have now wrapped up the constructors award again.

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Posted on 2017-01-05

Autumn is now approaching but lots of great sport coming up to watch at the Club. Why not come along and enjoy it with good company and maybe a drink or two.

You're welcome.


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